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Teacher Spotlight: Jennifer Colarossi

This section is dedicated to our hardworking Marvin teachers and staff members. We appreciate you more than we can say!

Meet A Star Teacher

Name: Jennifer Colarossi

Grade: Kindergarten


I attended Endicott College and received an associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

I attended Wheelock College and received a bachelor’s degree in Human Growth and Development with a Concentration in Early Childhood Education.

I then attended Southern CT State University and attained a master’s degree in teaching reading.

I have been a Kindergarten teacher here at Marvin for the past four years. Before teaching at Marvin, I taught preschool at Brookside Elementary School, and NCC’s Kathryn Croaning Child Development Lab School for over 20 years.

Who inspired you to become a teacher?

I have had many teachers who inspired me to become a teacher. One of those teachers was my fourth grade teacher. She was kind, funny, and held high expectations of her students. Little to my knowledge, this amazing teacher - Mrs. Pat Delman - was a Principal at Marvin School for many years before I came to Marvin School. It is a small world!

What is your favorite part of teaching Kindergarten?

I love teaching Kindergarten because everything is so new and exciting. Children are like sponges! They want to know and explore everything. It keeps me smiling when I see a child experiencing a lightbulb moment.

What is your favorite subject or lesson to teach?

I love doing read alouds with the children. I love being able to make a character come alive in a child's mind. I love being able show children how important reading every day is.

Fun facts!

A fun fact about me: I went to Kindergarten at Kendall School here in Norwalk.

We know how hard teachers are working this year. What can parents do to help you?

As a parent of a seven-year-old here in the district, I know that both parents and teachers are doing the best that they can. This year has been extremely difficult for everyone, we need to support each other and be united to help our children. Children crave structure and stability. Working together to provide as much as we can for our children is imperative.

What we love about Mrs. Colarossi!

"Mrs. Colarossi is everything you would want in a kindergarten teacher! Fun, smiley, warm, loving, and has just the right amount of command over her can-be-wild kindergarteners!

She made the transition from preschool to kindergarten amazing for both my son and I. My son is in second grade now, but he still talks about his time in Mrs. Colarossi’s class and I still count on her as a sounding board for my son. She is the best!" - Jenn McMurrer, Marvin parent

"Mrs. Colarossi is nice, kind, sweet, and she was a great teacher. I had a lot of fun in her class!" - Harrison McMurrer, former student

"Mrs. Colarossi was the kindergarten teacher for two of my children and she provided the best introduction to Marvin for them. Mrs. Colarossi guided them into the world of thoughtful learning and play and got them off to a great start. They really thrived spending their days with her and embraced the elementary school experience." - Tracy Lagervall, Marvin parent

"Mrs. Colarossi is an amazing teacher. I liked working with her as part of a team and learning new things in class." - Jack Lagervall, former student

Thank you, Mrs. Colarossi, for all you do for Marvin students!

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