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Teacher Spotlight: Michelle Suda

Introducing a new weekly section dedicated to our hardworking Marvin teachers and staff members. We appreciate you more than we can say!

Meet a Star Teacher

Name: Michelle Suda

Grade: Second


Growing up, I attended Norwalk Public Schools. I went to Sacred Heart University and played field hockey and softball. I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a masters degree in Elementary Education.

How long have you been teaching?

This year I started my 26th year of teaching. All have been at Marvin School teaching third grade for two years and the rest in second grade. Prior to this, I was the school’s intern and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from many amazing and dedicated teachers.

What do you love about teaching second grade?

I love teaching second grade because it’s exciting to watch the children grow into independent learners. Seeing the smiles on their faces and the pride they have after learning something new truly makes my heart glow. Also, I really enjoy building relationships with the children and finding ways to connect to their interests.

We know how hard teachers are working this year. What can parents do to help you? Parents can help by continuing to encourage their children to do the best that they can do. It’s also important to have an extra dose of empathy and patience these days for your children. I know they will appreciate it!

Fun Facts: I was born in DaNang, Vietnam during the Vietnam War and Mrs. Palmer is my sister-in-law!

What we love about Mrs. Suda!

"Mrs. Suda is the best teacher, and I love the way she teaches!" - Roland Marginean, current student

"Mrs. Suda is fun, but she also has rules! She is full of joy and brings it to others!

Thank you Mrs. Suda!" - Diana Baumgarte, parent

Thank you, Mrs. Suda, for all you do for Marvin students!

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