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Teacher Spotlight: Sharlia Gilman

ame: Sharlia Gilman

Grade: Kindergarten

Your background:

I have my Undergraduate Degree from High Point University and my Master's Degree from the University of South Carolina. I’ve been teaching Kindergarten at Marvin for 27 years.

What do you love about teaching kindergarten?

I love watching the enormous growth that takes place in a child's life during a year in Kindergarten. Helping a child learn to read opens an unknown world to them and the process is beyond exciting.

Teachers are the frontline workers for our children in this pandemic. What has been your biggest challenge or adjustment this year?

The biggest adjustment for me this year has been the absence of physical closeness in my classroom. I love sitting on the rug to read stories and share with my students . For the first time since teaching at Marvin I do not go out with my children for recess, I miss our outside time together.

What is your biggest motivation this year and what are you most proud of?

On the first day of school I was asked to write a goal for myself and my students on a post- it note. The post-it note has been on the inside of my door for the entire year. My goal is to keep my children and myself safe. That little note is a constant reminder of my most important job. So far I have been successful taking care of my children.

Why did you become a teacher?

Being a volunteer in a summer church program led me to becoming a teacher. I quickly learned how gratifying it was to work with young children.

A fun fact about you!

I love animals!!❤️ I have an English Cream Golden Retriever named Holly. I have 2 sister cats named Flutter and Skeeter. They were rescued as kittens and look alike. I also have a rabbit named Bobo.

Thank you, Mrs. Gilman, for ALL you do for our Marvin students!

What we love about Mrs. Gilman!

"Both of our kids had Mrs. Gilman for kindergarten. Her bright smile and energy is unfailing! She is truly the gold standard and we feel so lucky that they both had the Mrs. Gilman experience. Both of them became solid readers and learned to love school right from the beginning. It set the stage for them to love learning and we instantly felt like Marvin was the right place for our kids. Our kids are 13 and 17 now, but if we see Mrs. Gilman or her name is mentioned, they both get an instant smile on their faces. Oh, and she really likes fun music!" - Yvonne Marchese and John Flaherty

"Mrs. Gilman is an amazing teacher and she never stops moving! Every minute of the day she is connecting with her students and helping each one to learn and grow. Thank you so much from 5 Cuevas/Morin cousins who were all lucky enough to spend a year with Mrs. Gilman!" - Isobel Owen, mom to Lucas Cuevas, current Marvin second grader

"We are so fortunate to have all three of our kids start their school career with Mrs. Gilman! They received such a strong foundation for learning in her classroom that remains with them today. Her teaching approach instills confidence and dedication in her students - right out of the gate. She makes them feel proud of their accomplishments big and small and cares so much. Over the years, she still wants to hear how the kids are doing. We appreciate all she has done for Marvin and our family. She is truly something special. Big hugs!" - the Zullo family

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