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Teacher Spotlight: Stefanie Dean

Name: Stefanie Dean

Grade: 4th


I received my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with minors in children’s lit and child psychology from Wilmington University. I received my Master’s in Curriculum & Instruction from Southern New Hampshire University.

How long have you been teaching? I taught 5/6th for one year and 1st for 8 years in Delaware. When I moved to CT in 2008, I stayed at home for two years taking care of my niece and two nephews. I then returned to teaching in Norwalk in 2010 at Cranbury (3rd grade). In 2011, I moved to Marvin and have taught 3rd and 5th grade.

What do you love about teaching 5th grade?

I love that 5th graders are interested in learning and are becoming independent individuals. They are contributing to daily conversations and engaged in their learning. I love their “aha” moments when they truly connect everything we’re learning. I like seeing them help each other and teach each other. I love seeing how much they grow during their 5th grade year.

What is your favorite subject or lesson to teach?

I love teaching science and having the students dig into research. When a student finds a new fact or connection they can’t wait to share it creates a stimulating environment for the entire class.

Who inspired you to become a teacher?

My first grade teacher, Mrs. Tunnell, inspired me to be a teacher. I was the student next to the teacher’s desk that couldn’t sit still. She had patience and always pushed me to be my best.

A fun fact about you!

I started golfing last year and am enjoying learning how to play.

We know how hard teachers are working in this unprecedented year. What has been your biggest learning, take away or success thus far this year?

My biggest take away is that even though this year has been challenging, our students are successful and resilient. They are learning new technology and communication skills that will only help to make their future better!

What we love about Ms. Dean!

"When I think of Ms. Dean, I see her huge smile. She always made us laugh while we learned. My math skills really improved thanks to her! I remember how she worked her love of boating and the beach into the lessons she taught us. Her room was always decorated so cool. It was so much fun to be her student. Thank you, Ms. Dean!"

- Francesca Zullo, former student

"Ms. Dean kept it real with us for both our daughters. She gives the students tough love and it’s exactly what the children need. The children really respond well to it. Both our daughters had Ms. Dean and were extremely happy. She knows how to work with children with different needs and attention spans. We rate her A+!"

- Maria and Jon Faucher, former Marvin parents

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