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Tomorrow is the Color Walk-A-Thon

Tomorrow is the culmination of our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Color Walk-A-Thon!

Here are some tips and tricks for tomorrow and when you child comes home:


• Wear a hat to keep the color powder from getting on your hair

• Eyewear is suggested. Marvin is providing students with a pair of colorful sunglasses to wear

• Though the color will eventually wash out of just about everything, we suggest NOT wearing your favorite outfit or sneakers to school on Friday, May 5th

• It is not uncommon for hints of some color to stick around on your skin. A few washes and the color will come off

• Wash any clothes worn that day separately in COLD water

* Talk to your children about not putting any color near the mouth, eyes or hair.

Directly from

Our color powder washes out of most clothing. However, it can stain some materials. 100% cotton clothing is recommended and typical machine washing with stain remover, removes the stains. We recommend removing excess powder from clothing before washing and/or applying water

Facts on the powder: colors are made with high quality cornstarch, food dyes and baking soda. All materials are 100% FD&C and/or D&C approved. Color powder contains natural fire retardant materials that dramatically reduce fire risk. Gluten free and does not contain dairy, nuts, wheat, soy or other common allergens.


We will have the students change out of the t-shirt and place it into a ziploc bag to take home.

1) Lay shirt flat and spray to soak with white vinegar:

Spray generously, (really soak it) and be aware that the colors may blend and bleed together as the fabric becomes wet

2) Keep the t-shirt flat to dry and iron with high heat:

If you hang when still wet, gravity will bring all the colors to the bottom and turn them to a muddy brown. Instead, keep flat till dry, then place a rag between the shirt and the iron to set the color with heat.

3) Toss in the dryer:

As a final assurance to set the color, turn the shirt inside out and throw it in the dryer on high heat for about 10 minutes.

We will be providing students with a Ziploc bag and wipes for when they are finished! We will also have several volunteers on hand to help.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled day! Thank you to everyone who has helped, registered, raised money, and put in time and hard work to make this a huge success.

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