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Teacher Spotlight: Aly Johnson

Name: Aly Johnson

Grade: Third

Your background:

This is my 7th year teaching! I first started working at Marvin in 2014 as Mrs. Suda's long term sub. As that was coming to an end, Mrs. Gillman asked if I would like to be her long term sub! I loved Marvin so much that I stayed until the end of that school year. Over the summer I was hired by Mrs. O'Shea and the first grade team as the new first grade teacher! I taught first grade for 2 years. I was moved by the district to Kendall Elementary, then back to Marvin shortly after. I have been in third grade ever since!

What do you love about teaching 3rd grade?

I have loved all of the grades I have taught for very different reasons! What I love most about third grade is fostering independence in the students. I love teaching my students how to figure out problems on their own. I love watching them work together to come up with solutions!

Teachers are the frontline workers for our children in this pandemic. What has been your biggest challenge or adjustment this year?

My biggest challenge this year is not having all of my students in front of me. With half of my class working remotely, there are some of my students that I have never met in person I have only seen their beautiful faces on the screen!

What is your biggest motivation this year and what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of how well my students are adapting to the changes. The kids are ready for change at any moment, as are we!

Why did you become a teacher?

I became a teacher because I absolutely loved my first grade teacher Ms. D. She fostered a love for learning in me that I'll never forget. Most days I would come home from school and "play school" with my neighbors. We would switch on and off who was the teacher and who were the students.

A fun fact about you!

I am a very active person. I love to hike, play soccer, run, walk my dog Kiwi, ski/snowboard, play golf and much more!

Thank you, Ms. Johnson, for ALL you do for our Marvin students!

What we love about Ms. Johnson!

I love being in Ms. Johnson’s class because she makes learning fun. She really makes us think and do our own work and has a song to go along with it: “Figure it outttt!” She is always so kind and I am very happy to be in her class this year.

-Lillian Siano, current student

Ms. Johnson is an exceptional teacher. She is engaging and the kids in her class adore her! She holds them accountable and pushes them to be their best. This year has been difficult and we cannot be more grateful for the environment she fosters in her class- Lillian loves coming to school each day!

-Dana & Frank Siano, Marvin parents

“Ms. Johnson is a great 3rd grade teacher! She is full of energy and encourages the kids to be independent learners. She fostered my son's love of learning and math. When we went remote in the spring, she handled the transition seamlessly and helped us all with the new learning/teaching model. We love her!”

-Kathleen Boland, parent

“I love Ms. Johnson! It was fun being in her class. I really enjoyed playing Around the World. She helped me learn my multiplication tables and I know them really well now. She is great.”

-Patrick Boland, former student

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