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Teacher Spotlight: Christine Murray


is section is dedicated to our hardworking Marvin teachers and staff members. We appreciate you more than we can say!

Meet A Star Teacher

Name: Christine Murray

Grade: Fourth


· Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics

· Masters of Education

· Sixth-Year Certificate

How long have you been teaching?

My teaching experience started in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade for three years in the Bridgeport parochial school system. I began teaching at Marvin Elementary School 14 years ago in 4th grade, moved to 5th grade for 10 years, and am now currently teaching 4th grade.

What do you love about teaching 4th grade?

By the 4th grade, students can connect with the information they’re learning; they’ve developed a little more independence – and there’s still plenty of time for fun, games, and lots of imagination thrown in with new experiences.

What is your favorite subject or lesson to teach?

My favorite lessons to teach are when children are creating while learning. Whether it is a STEM project or creative writing project, I enjoy the infusion of art into all subject areas.

Who inspired you to become a teacher?

There are two teachers who inspired me to teach. First my 4th grade teacher instilled a love of learning geography, art, music, science, and most of all a love of classic literature. Every day was filled with creative projects that covered a wide range of content. The second teacher who inspired me was my 8th grade Math teacher, for helping me to understand how I learn math best and for giving me new confidence in a subject that I always struggled with.

Fun Fact:

I love shopping. My own children think I should be a personal shopper because I can shop for hours!

What can parents do to help teachers this year?

I am so grateful for all the support of the Marvin school community! I can only offer the suggestion of parents and teachers continually learning to understand and support each other in order to help our learners grow. Together we can accomplish this by supporting school rules and grade level expectations, providing materials and resources for learning at home, as well as encouraging children to value their education while putting forth their best effort!

And thank you, Marvin PTA, for all that you do for our wonderful school community!

What we love about Ms. Murray!

"Ms. Murray has the capability to see past the obvious in a child and help the child to bring that hidden talent out and make it shine. She did this for my son, Christos. She is a great teacher and person!" - Luisa Kleftogiannis, Marvin parent

"Ms. Murray was a great teacher. She was kind and always listened to anything we had to say. One cool thing about Ms. Murray is she likes sports and especially basketball, like me." - Christos Kleftogiannis, former student

"I like having her as my teacher because she is very nice. She is the best teacher! She has the best fun Fridays!" - Viviana Molina, current student

Thank you, Ms. Murray, for ALL you do for Marvin students!

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