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Teacher Spotlight: C. Renwick

Updated: May 25, 2022

Name: C. Renwick

Grade: 5th


I grew up in Florida and received my Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University in 2008. After moving to Connecticut, I went on to get my Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Bridgeport in 2010. I interned, student taught and was hired to teach 5th grade at Jefferson Elementary. After my first year teaching, NPS endured budget cuts and I ended up teaching 8th grade science for part of the next school year. That is, until I got the call that Marvin needed someone to take over for a beloved veteran teacher that would soon be leaving for a new position. I was ecstatic and I’ve been here ever since! I spent seven years teaching 4th grade and this is now my second year teaching 5th grade here at Marvin.

What do you love about teaching 5th grade?

I love teaching 5th grade because I thoroughly enjoy our meaningful classroom discussions. As the year goes on, student growth is incredible! I get to witness students gaining their independence as they grow confident and ready for middle school. The students’ understanding of wit and sarcasm is also a plus.

Teachers are the frontline workers for our children in this pandemic. What has been your biggest challenge or adjustment this year?

A big adjustment has been keeping socially distanced. You don’t realize how much you’re used to interacting until you can’t anymore! Especially when it comes to transitioning throughout the room and group work. The circumstances definitely make you get creative so you can incorporate movement breaks and student interaction in new ways.

What is your biggest motivation this year and what are you most proud of?

My biggest motivation is seeing how resilient children are. Being faced with new challenges daily, I’m proud to see my students tackling them head on AND with a growth mindset.

Why did you become a teacher?

When I was younger, I remember playing school at home and trying to emulate the teachers I loved. When I was older, I ended up teaching gymnastics and tumbling classes at a local gym. Loving what I was doing and the age group I worked with encouraged me to get a degree in elementary education. As Confucius once said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

A fun fact about you!

I love to travel and I once walked a cheetah while in Zambia, Africa.

What we love about Ms. Renwick!

“Both my children, Finn and Eloise, had a lovely experience with Ms. Renwick. Two completely different personalities and Ms. Renwick was amazing for both. They both loved her and she was always available to us (parents) when we had a question or concern. As a family, we loved Marvin school and all their teachers and staff. We miss the Marvin community greatly.” – Rachel Strabley, former Marvin parent

“Ms. Renwick was very patient with my boys and would spend time explaining things to make sure they understood. Whenever I needed information on how the boys were doing she was always available and took the time to explain in detail where they excelled and where they might’ve needed a little help. My two boys always told me they enjoyed her class and thought she was one of the nicest teachers they ever had. We miss her!!” – Melissa Wehrheim, former Marvin parent, with Kyle in 8th grade and Cole in 6th grade at Nathan Hale.

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