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Teacher Spotlight: Kelly Nguyen

Name: Kelly Nguyen

Grade: Second

Your background:

Born in Norwalk, I attended Jefferson, Ponus, and Brien McMahon schools. I received my

Bachelor’s Degree from UCONN and a Master’s in Education from Southern Connecticut

State University.

I started my teaching career as a first grade para here at Marvin. Mrs. Lamb, Palmer, and

Murawski were all first grade teachers and Mrs. Discala, Mrs. Sweeney and I worked as their

paras! The following year I long termed subbed in fourth grade, which turned into a

permanent teaching position. I have taught fourth, kindergarten, and first grade at Marvin

before landing in second grade for the past four years. I have been a member of the Marvin

family for 24 years and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

What do you love about teaching 2nd grade?

Second grade is really an amazing time to witness childrens’ academic and emotional

growth. Having the opportunity to teach grades younger and older, I have been able to see

what an important springboard second grade is in a child’s learning career. They are

synthesizing and fine tuning their academic skills they have learned in the lower grades

while learning so many new things in preparation for the upper grades. Second graders are

awesome to be around! They continue to amaze me with their curiosity for learning, their

kindness towards others and their love of having fun!

Teachers are the frontline workers for our children in this pandemic. What has been your

biggest challenge or adjustment this year?

My biggest challenge this year has been accepting that teaching and learning look different

because of the pandemic. I am trying my best to keep the classroom as exciting as possible

while adhering to the new guidelines. I miss our class meetings on the carpet and watching

students work in small groups together, but we are learning to have fun in new and different


What is your biggest motivation this year and what are you most proud of?

My biggest motivation has been the children. Every day whether in-person or online, they

come to school with smiles on their faces and are excited to learn. Structure and

consistency are so important for children, especially during a year like this. School is the

perfect place for them to experience both!

I am most proud of how I have adjusted to teaching in person and remote children at the

same time. My growth in technology has also grown so much because of this.

Why did you become a teacher?

I really loved how my elementary school teachers made learning exciting. I remember the

sense of pride and satisfaction I would feel as a student when I was able to accomplish a

task or learn something new. As I grew, I wanted to share that same enthusiasm with others

so they could experience those feelings too!

A fun fact about you!

My first name begins with “K” and so does my husband and 4 childrens’. This follows a

Vietnamese tradition carried on by my in-laws. It makes for a fun story to tell, but gets a bit

confusing for friends, family, and even myself at times, especially when we are all together!


Thank you, Mrs. Nguyen, for ALL you do for our Marvin students!

What we love about Mrs. Nguyen!

"I had Mrs. Nguyen for first and second grade. She was the nicest teacher and she always gave the best advice, especially if you were upset about something or were having some trouble. She is a great teacher!" - Luke Jefferies, current Marvin 5th grader

"Mrs. Nguyen is a wonderful teacher. She provides a nurturing environment for her students where they can all grow and thrive. She is warm and caring. We were lucky enough to have her for two years and it was a terrific experience!" Jen Jefferies, Marvin parent

"Mrs. Nguyen was so nice, helpful, and loving for the 2 years I had her. She helped me learn to read and do harder math. I wish I could have had her again!" - Will Mangone, former student

"We were so fortunate to have Mrs. Nguyen as my son's teacher in 1st and 2nd grade. She is the absolute best! She instilled the love of reading in my son which he still has to this day. Her calmness, patience, and kindness were instrumental in helping my son grow -- educationally and personally. I'd like to think he took with him some of her warmth and kindness which he still carries with him to this day. Like my son said -- I wish he could have her again. We love you Mrs. Nguyen!" - Marissa Mangone, Marvin parent

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