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Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Falcone

Introducing a new weekly section dedicated to our hardworking Marvin teachers and staff members. We appreciate you more than we can say!

Meet A Star Teacher

Name: Mrs. Falcone

Grade: Kindergarten


I started teaching at Marvin in 1985...which is 35 years ago!!!

Some of my former students are now my current parents.

I have always taught kindergarten.

I graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Child Development.

I was also a gymnast my 4 years there

What do you love about teaching Kindergarten?

I love that we giggle a lot! I enjoy starting each year building a strong community of curious learners and friends.

I also like to work together with parents on the common goal of caring for their child. It is great to see how our families invest their energy and enthusiasm into the Marvin community!

What we love about Mrs. Falcone!

"We love Mrs. Falcone! She has been such a warm welcome to the Marvin community. We obviously didn’t envision starting school during a pandemic and admittedly we were a bit anxious about how our son would adjust. Before school even started, Mrs. Falcone took the time to talk to us on the phone giving us a glimpse into a day in the life of a Marvin Kindergartener. She’s been a joy ever since. She greets us each day with a smile, takes time to learn about each students’ interests (she knows her sports!) and most importantly has made her classroom FUN to create lifelong learners!!"

Lauren Parsio—mom to Camden in K3

"I loved Mrs. Falcone's classroom. And she taught me so much. Kindergarten was so much fun! Mrs. Falcone is so kind and sweet."

Hailey Curtin, age 6, previous student

Thank you, Mrs. Falcone, for all you do for Marvin students!

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