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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Esperance

Your education background: I went to the University of Connecticut and was in their NEAG program. I received my Bachelor's in Elementary Education and my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction.

What do you love about teaching Third Grade? I love everything about third grade. They are at an age where they are independent but, they still need me.

Teachers are the frontline workers for our children in this pandemic. What has been your biggest challenge or adjustment these last couple years? The biggest challenge for me was having to teach students how to transition from being home for school to being back in the classroom.

What is your biggest motivation this year and what are you most proud of? My biggest motivation this year has been my students. They are the reason I come to work every day. I am most proud of their accomplishments and all the work that they have done this year because this year was not easy.

Why did you become a teacher? I always wanted to be a teacher growing up. I have always enjoyed working with children. I did my first internship my senior year of high school at Nathan Hale Middle School and being there made me fall in love with teaching.

A fun fact about you! I went to Marvin from K-5 and my teachers were the reason why I became a teacher.

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